Hola!! I am very happy to welcome you to my blog, for a long time I wanted to have the opportunity to share my articles with you and thus also turn this blog into a community where professionals of luxury hospitality and luxury travel meet.

After moving to Switzerland and starting my projects; Hobal Luxury Collection and Tiempos de Bondad Foundation, my next project on the list of goals and dreams for 2020 was to create a blog where I can share articles every week about luxury travel, hotels experiences, segments dedicated to Wellness lovers, gastronomy lovers, hotel sales and marketing strategies, learning about new destinations, social media and share valuable content with a lot of love for you.

Every Tuesday I will be sharing with you, fresh content, written with all my heart. I am sure that we are going to have fun and learn together about destinations, hotels, and sales and marketing strategies so that you can increase your hotel income if you are a hotelier or make you fall so in love with a destination that you will immediately call your travel agent to book if you are looking for new adventures.

I am a Dominican with a smile as wide as the beaches of the Caribbean, a noble and loving heart, I love gastronomy, traveling, reading and I love nature and animals. I`m here to share my passions with the world.

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Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to travel with me to the universe of luxury hospitality! Enjoy! 🙂

Willy Hobal / www.willyhobal.com