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Any small, independent hotel owner or manager will confirm that running a hospitality business is no walk in the park. There are a million details to oversee, and the nitty-gritty doesn’t stop. Furthermore, deciding how to market your business to the right client set is another challenge for hotel owners. Everyone knows that a sturdy sales figure is what will determine a healthy bottom line. 

But the big question is – how can a small independent hotel afford to promote to an international market if they are not part of a big chain?

There is a solution to this – an independent hotel can join an international hotel consortium.

A simple definition of Hotel Consortium is a group of independent hotels combining their resources to establish joint marketing activities and services. There is a centralized office handling these activities, and the annual membership fee pays for the costs of running these offices.

5 Benefits of Joining a Hotel Consortium 

Benefit # 1 – A Consortium Gives Your Property World Exposure 

Everyone knows how expensive it is to advertise to an international audience or send your Marketing Director abroad to visit clients. 

This area is where a hotel consortium comes in. The centralized Marketing Team gives a boost to your sales force that alone, a small hotel with limited resources, cannot achieve. 

Most consortia have established regional sales offices in places like Europe, Asia, the Middle East, or the USA. Speaking the native language and knowing the local culture to promote your property is one significant advantage.

Benefit # 2 – A Consortium has a Wide Database of Travel Members

Before joining a hotel consortium, check out how many subscribers are there in their database. These people receive monthly e-newsletters from the group where they get updates on new properties, seasonal deals, or exciting stories about the destination. 

The bigger the database, the broader your market reach for the same amount of yearly fee. It is more cost-efficient than hiring your in-house team to gather and update data (which may take time) and buy a system (another cost) to send out mail blasts. 

Benefit # 3 – A Consortium Lends Prestige to Your Hotel Brand

There is an absolute bragging right to say that your hotel passed through the rigid tests, made the qualifications, and is now a proud member of «XYZ Premium Hotels of the World«.

Just as the saying goes, “No Man is an Island,” an independent hotel should not feel alone exerting its marketing efforts. A connection to all group members gives a hotel comfort to be under one umbrella, sharing a common philosophy yet, still maintaining its individuality.

Benefit # 4 – A Consortium Generate Sales

Hotel Consortia exert sales efforts into markets that are otherwise out of your reach. The result translates to creating a new funnel for revenue to come in. 

The consortia should have strong relationships with local travel agencies, corporate accounts, and MICE planners to feature your property, destination, or event in their newsletter. 

Benefit # 5 – A Consortium Has Resources Other Than Marketing

A hotel consortium offers more than just marketing services. A member has access to content writers, search engine optimization experts, social media, and graphic design professionals. 

Members also receive reports on sales production, trends, and forecasts to equip them to move forward or which area needs improvement. 


Consortia have grown to be a force within the hotel industry. It makes better sense for complementary properties to pool resources together for a common goal. 

If you are an independent hotel owner or manager and would like to choose the best consortium for your property and reexamine your marketing direction, we are here to help you, do send us an email at

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