Hotel KAI Kinugawa, Japan

Why do people travel with pets? We’ve sent out this question as a survey, and here below are some of the answers we’ve collected:

  • Because humans love their pets so much and couldn’t bear to be away from them
  • Because if the pets were left alone at home, they develop separation anxiety and refuse to eat
  • Because the cost of boarding them is too high
  • Because the guardians do not trust others to watch over their pets. 
  • Some humans bring their big dogs along for protection
  • The people the guardians are visiting also want to see the pets
  • Because pets need a vacation as well as humans
  • Because we all want to travel with our best friends
  • Because humans consider their pets as family members and are willing to pay for the cost of traveling with pets, similar to traveling with children

So now that we know the reasons why you and your pets are inseparable, let’s find hotels or resorts with luxurious service for both humans and pets to make your vacation unforgettable. 

KAI Kinugawa, Japan

Stressed-out Japanese city dwellers hie off to onsen spa resorts to unwind and relax. Kai Kinugawa is one such hot spring ryokan, with water deriving from nearby Kinugawa Hot Spring. As Japanese couples are having fewer children and raising more pets, the demand for pet-friendly onsens has risen. 

KAI Kinugawa’s pet amenities feature pet towels and bowls inside the room, an outdoor dog run, and private hot spring baths for both humans and pooches. 

Hawley House, Tasmania, Australia

This charming 19th-century estate with Victorian-inspired houses is a popular choice for weddings and corporate events. It was the original farmhouse of the Rubicon Estate, a wildlife sanctuary for horses.

What to expect for your four-legged friends when checking in with them? Dogs are allowed to stay in their Stables Spa and Aquarius Rooms,  have lots of private bushwalking trails, a dog-friendly beach, and play with other four-pawed hosts.  However, it’s a BYOB arrangement – that is, bring-your-own-bedding for your pet. 

Their past guests include horses, rabbits, ferrets, and even chickens!

Belmond Reid Palace, Madeira, Portugal

This 19th-century palace, located on the sunny island of Madeira,  has sheltered some celebrity world leaders such as Winston Churchill. 

They have a VIP pet program entitled Puppy Palace. It is a pampering package that includes pet full body grooming, a luxury bath with fluff-dry service. Personal training sessions, dog walking, and dog sitting services are also available upon request. For mischievous pets, the Belmond Reid’s Palace can arrange behavioral consultation to calm down the pet’s anxiety. 

And the cherry on top is a hearty dog meal (with additional fee) prepared by the Michelin-starred kitchen with choices such as beef tartare with vegetables and fruits, salmon tartare and banana, and boiled chicken and rice with veggies. 

Eden Roc Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

This gem of a resort in the Eastern tip of the Dominican Republic offers luxurious accommodations in a beachfront setting. Their villas, boutique suites, and bungalows come with a private pool. 

The resort offers a VIP program for families with pets. The V-I-P, which stands for Very Important Pets,  is a package that includes pampering solutions for your furry friends. Upon arrival, the room will have amenities such as pet food, water bowls, treats, plush towels, royal bedding, and a cat litter. They have a pet menu called aptly named Bone Appetite. 

Pets are also entitled to swim in the suite or villa private pool but not in the public swimming pool. 

NIZUC Resort and Spa, Mexico  

This uber-exclusive resort has over 200 suites and villas sprawled across 12 hectares of lush greeneries. Located in Cancun, Mexico, what was once a base station for Mayan astronomers is now a topnotch retreat fit for world leaders. 

NIZUC Resort and Spa allows pets of not more than 10 pounds to stay in the room for a fee. Their in-room dining menu for pets that has a local flavor such as Burrito Champion. The hotel provides beds, bowls, and water in the room. And for the adventurous animals, they can swim in the ocean or ride on a paddleboard with their human guardians.

So gone are the days when planning a vacation means making arrangements to leave your pets with friends or a boarding house. The examples mentioned above shows us that the hotel industry is all about accomodation. We believe this trend will increase to make our pets spoiled for choice.

Willy Hobal /