Sales and Marketing Representation companies act as the extension office of your S&M offices in the designated region where they operate. As part of the sales team, they follow the hotel’s branding and mission-vision to do the promotions to the clients specified proactively. 

Just as any sales team member, they are also given a monthly target revenue to meet, and their goal is to generate sales leads and opportunities for the hotel. Over time, the hotel expects this sales and marketing rep to strengthen its brand awareness and improve its market share. 

As a hotel fighting for market share, the S&M Representation Office can help you achieve this by forging a solid relationship with clients to make sure your brand is on top of their minds over the competition. 

5 Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs a Representation:

  1. It is more cost-efficient for Hotels. 

Executives for sales and marketing command a hefty wage nowadays. And they may not necessarily be an expert in the market where the hotel wanted to increase in sales. Not to mention the cost of an in-house sales manager to fly to another country to make the client calls but not close any deals because of communication problems (Think about the lucrative Japanese or European clients).

To hire a market rep in a particular region means the Representative Office will handle any sales target, growth, and client issues.  Because the Rep Office will manage other hotels from other countries, the cost of such activities is shared by all, making it more cost-efficient for the hotels involved. 

  1. Hotels Skip the Learning Curve of the New Market

To hire a Rep Office of a particular market (for example, China) means we want a piece (okay, a chunk!) of this market. Yet, if we have to do this by ourselves, there is always a language barrier problem, very little knowledge of local culture, and lack of logistics know-how. The market will not wait for us to conquer our learning curve. It will produce, and without proper representation, the chunk of the business will go elsewhere. 

  1. The Hotels Get More Than Just a Sales and Marketing Services

Find a sales and marketing rep office that offer more than just the usual. Hotels need Digital Content Writers, Search Engine Optimization experts, and Social Media experts. It is a good deal if you pay for one fee and get the above-packaged services as well. These digital marketing fields have new trends and updates almost every month, and who has the time to keep abreast of this news except for the experts themselves?

Most of the reputable hotel sales and marketing representation companies invest time and money on keeping themselves updated with the latest trends, tech, tools, and strategies that will help them serve you better. 

  1. There’s No Need to Train Sales and Marketing Representatives

The procedure of hiring an in-house member is tedious – we place an ad to hire, then comes the interview process (one, two, or three rounds) before picking the right one to join the team. Once hired, the person should be trained by a senior sales team member. Before he or she goes out on sales calls to bring in business, it takes around 1-2 months of non-productivity. 

When hiring a Sales Rep Office, there’s no need to spend money to send them to attend a training program. The marketing agency is already experienced, has a track-record, and prepared to work for you.

  1. Hotels Can Implement New Marketing Campaigns Faster

Because the hotel is confident in the capability of its sales and marketing rep office, it can craft out new marketing campaigns regularly and expect results in less time than if they have to hire extra staff to train just for one promotional event. 

Additionally, a market rep office can help you launch your campaign faster since they have more experience. For example, suppose you want to try Facebook or Instagram Ads for the first time, your market rep agency’s digital marketers are already adept in helping you grow your digital audience. There is no need to enroll one of your in-house staff to take an online marketing course, which will cost you time and money.


I am not proposing to do away with an in-house sales and marketing team. I believe it is still convenient to have your employees full-time who know and understand the corporate culture. This kind of loyalty is an asset to the company.

What I am suggesting is a lean in-house team that works hand-in-hand with Market Rep Offices in different regions for a win-win situation for the hotel.

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