While we’re in the fast-paced age when we get everything in an instant (i.e., email vs. snail mail; text messages vs. email; online vs. mall shopping), the hotel industry is also facing many challenges on how to convert website visitors into instant buyers. 

“How do I increase my sales?” must be the question in every hotelier’s mind. Well, there are techniques, as we have listed below, to optimize your website to increase bookings or boost brand awareness. It’s time to get a hold of your homepage and see how to give it a revamp to get maximum results. 

  1. Keep Site Simple

A study by Google shows that people are less likely to stay on a page that looks complex. 

When crafting your website, the homepage page should be easy to navigate. If there are special offers, keep it one at a time. Highlight this one promo, enumerate your website visitor’s benefits, and make sure to indicate the BUY button. 

Remember, too many cooks spoil the broth. Too many choices hurt the chances of landing a sale.  

  1. Create Content Targeting Key Market Segments

Writing good content is a key component of sales conversion.  Know who your target audience’s demographics. Write content that resonates with their needs and interests. 

To know how to connect with your audience, answer the four simple questions below:

  1. What is my target market’s needs or problems, and how can our company solve these problems?
  2. Who are my competitors? 
  3. How can my target customers benefit when buying from us over buying from my rival hotels?

After knowing the answers to these questions, it is easier to create content that targets your key market segments. Your content should explain how your product:

  1. Solves your customers’ problems
  2. How your offer can benefit your customer
  3. Why customers should choose you over your competitor

3. Include Upselling

Hotel key persons who have direct customer contacts are the best agents to upsell. 

In a hotel website, there are many ways to upsell as well. When a client is about to confirm a deluxe room, the system can insert upsell windows. “For an additional ___, you may get an upgrade to a Junior Suite.” 

  1. Email Marketing

Creating and updating an email list is a straightforward online marketing tip any hotelier should know. Sending emails is one of the most economical ways of generating brand awareness with your audience, right in his private quarters’ comforts. Imagine how powerful that is! 

The hotel may invest in a more advanced system that can segregate your market segment’s interests. Is it a room promo rate they are keen on, or is it the Food Festival in your specialty outlet? This simple action results in mutual benefits to the customer and you.   The customer only receives relevant emails while your audience regards your brand as one that knows their preference. 

  1. Build Trust Through Testimonials and Address Complaints and Negative Feedback

Today’s customers are wary of a hotel’s ads and claims. But they will sit up and pay more attention to your past guests’ narratives about their experiences.

Meticulous handling of guests’ feedback will go a long way to establish your brand and build trust among your market. The hotel website would do well to highlight a glowing review from a happy customer. Similarly, the hotel’s marketing team should promptly address negative feedback with a sincere gesture to resolve it. 

These steps are crucial in securing your hotel’s grip in maintaining customer loyalty.


The above tips are just some of the many ways to utilize your website to bolster sales and brand awareness. Hobal Luxury Collection is a marketing arm that can assist in solidifying your hotels’ online presence. You may send us an email to see how we may collaborate and boost revenue info@hoballuxurycollection.com

Willy Hobal / www.willyhobal.com