Image: Robin & Me during our honeymoon

Hoteliers around the world are racking their brains on how and where else to target new markets. The LGBTQ group, no doubt, is a broad and robust audience. As per a recent demographic study, Gay Men are frequent travelers, big spenders, and seek high-quality service.

In the 70s, hotels were marketing to business travelers because most of them stay in hotels, attend conventions, and entertain their clients inside their restaurants. In the 80s, they zeroed in on the lady business travelers, and there were exclusive ladies’ floors reserved as an added security. Hotels also provide unique room amenities for the ladies’ rooms that were not available elsewhere. 

Similar to how hotels studied the above two market segments, they should understand and respect the specific needs of the LGBT if they want to capture this lucrative market. Aside from the tangible amenities, their community appreciates the frontline staff’s proper etiquette in addressing their needs. Knowing the right buttons to push (and not to push) can already give an optimum guest experience.

Below we have made a list of hotels that make the passing mark and deserve honorable mentions as gay-friendly hotels.

  1. Casa Cupula, Puerto Vallarta

A luxury boutique hotel nestled on a hill overlooking Banderas Bay, the hotel received rave reviews from past guests who can’t wait to return.

Their happy experience always centers around the amazing staff who never fail to give guests memorable stays. 

A few minutes’ walk to the beach mean you can have peace in your room when you need it. The hotel welcomes the whole family, so some guests bring their pets. 

  1. New Coast Hotel, Manila, Philippines

New Coast is a luxury hotel situated near the vibrant nightspots of Manila. The hotel rooms have floor-to-ceiling views of the stunning Manila Bay. Inside the hotel are four excellent dining outlets – a Chinese specialty restaurant, a steakhouse, a cakes and pastries outlet, and an all-day dining restaurant.

Their Concierge is well-versed and updated on the gay scene of the area and can give information or make recommendations when asked. 

  1. Axel Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona’s Axel Hotel designed its rooms to create a unique atmosphere of elegance and comfort. They are located in Gayxample, where the city’s gay heart pumps. Their beautiful spaces have become a favorite meeting place of the city’s hetero-friendly and trendy LGBT scene. 

  1. Men’s Resort and Spa – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Situated near the Angkor Wat Temples, Men’s is a hotel that is exclusively for who else? Men. 

Men’s Resort and Spa owners designed the resort for comfort and a friendly ambiance. The facilities include a pool, a gym, and a spa (with only male masseurs). Reviews from past customers include commendations for efficient management and friendly staff. 

  1. Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa, New York, USA

An LGBT-welcoming resort in Lake Placid, New York, Mirror Lake Inn Resort’s uniquely designed rooms overlook Mirror Lake and the Adirondack High Peaks. They have classic rooms or Junior Suites for couples or family rooms that can fit families of any size. 

The hotel has two dining options, all of which have reputable cuisine to offer. The highlight is their farm-to-table menus that support local suppliers for the freshest ingredients. The View is rated AAA 4 Diamond and offers fine dining. On the other hand, The Cottage serves comfort food and is a popular hangout place for locals.  


A short reminder for hotels who want to capture this market, they seek high-quality service from your team:

  • Ensure that your staff is educated and familiar with diversity matters. 
  • Not all employees understand the LGBT culture. A short training session by your HR or department head can lower the possibility of embarrassing incidents. 
  • A helpful Concierge regarding the latest updates on your city’s gay scene is a big plus factor.